Deborah Culver, B.S.

Manager - Research Projects


Dr. Culver earned her B.S. degree in biology from the University of South Carolina.

Professional Background

Dr. Culver has over 30 years of experience as a biologist and protein chemist in the biotechnology and academia industry. Besides her 17-year tenure at Emory University, Dr. Culver has held positions at Cornell and New York University, ImClone Systems and Aderans Research.

Dr. Culver's vast experience includes methods for vaccine formulation, diagnostic assays, tissue engineering, cell biology, in vivo efficacy, PK and tolerability studies and protein and antibody purification and characterization. She has experience to bring products from research and development stage to production readiness. She has developed patented methods of complex biologics advancing them into preclinical and clinical trials. She has transferred technology and directed the adoption from development to production in the United States and United Kingdom for Phase I clinical trials. She also has tested in vivo performance of a drug that was later successfully out licensed to a pharmaceutical company.

Dr. Culver is currently Manager of Research Projects at Emory Institute for Drug Discovery with primary responsibilities in cell biology, in vivo efficacy, PK and tolerability studies in animal models, and rapid aqueous solubility measurements for small molecule drug candidates. Dr. Culver has co-authored over 25 research papers and abstracts.

Deborah Culver standing in a laboratory in front of a microscope