Our Facilities

Construction of a dedicated 12,000 sq ft facility for the Emory Institute for Drug Development was completed in the fall of 2012 on the main Emory campus at the National Primate Research Center.

This facility has been designed to provide the infrastructure and resources necessary to carry out lead identification, late stage lead optimization, and early stage preclinical development of emerging new small molecule therapies for unmet medical needs and emerging public health threats.

The facility includes a 3,500 sq ft chemistry suite for medicinal chemistry, as well as a scale-up suite containing an 8 ft walk-in hood to support any resynthesis efforts. A separate NMR room, analytical corridor, hydrogenation lab, and an open environment office area complete the chemical labs. In addition, the new facility has a 1,750 sq ft bioanalytical/DMPK laboratory fully equipped with infrastructure to support up to 8 tandem LC/MS/MS instruments, tissue preparation operations, storage freezers, stability chambers and an open office environment. The 1,750 sq ft biology/virology suite includes a fully equipped BSL-2 cell culture lab, open space biology lab, formulations and pharmaceutics lab, and microbial lab.

The EIDD also has full access to the small animal vivarium located in the same building and on the same floor as the EIDD DMPK and Biological Sciences groups. This 7,840 sq. ft. facility is AAALAC accredited and can house rats, mice, hamsters and voles. The EIDD laboratory facilities are supported by roughly 5,000 sq ft of open office space plus two conference rooms for internal meetings for EIDD employees. One of the conference rooms is outfitted with video conferencing equipment.