Available Facilities for Molecular Biology and Virology

The 3,000 sq ft biology/virology suite includes open office space, a fully equipped BSL-2 cell culture lab, open space molecular biology lab, formulations and pharmaceutics lab, microbial lab and an office environment.

The laboratories are well-equipped with all of the resources necessary to carry out cellular biology and virology testing as well as in vitro work with purified proteins. Major equipment includes:

  • Four biological safety cabinets
  • One chemical fume hood
  • Bio Rad Bio-Plex Luminex System
  • Thermo Forma Cryopreservation System
  • Beckman Scintillation Counter
  • Becton Dickinson FACSCalibur
  • Bio Rad Molecular Imager
  • Two Applied Biosystems GeneAmp PCR machines
  • Two TaqMans (Applied Biosystems 7500 and BioRad iCycler)
  • Perkin Elmer Wallac Victor2 Fluorescence and Luminescence Multilabel Counter
  • Turner Biosystems Luminometer Veritas
  • Molecular Devices Spectra Max M2
  • Sorvall Legend Refrigerated Centrifuge
  • Beckman Coulter Ultra Centrifuge
  • Six microscopes (upright, inverted, fluorescence and dissecting)
  • Three double-stack CO2Incubators
  • Odyssey Li-Cor Infrared Imager
  • Bio Rad Gel Viewer 
  • Shimadzu UV-VIS Spectophotometer
  • Shimadzu Spectroflurophotometer
  • BMG LabTech Nephelometer
  • Floor and bench shakers for bacterial incubation
  • Dry 37˚C bacterial incubator
  • UV Cross Linker and Hybridization oven
  • Multiple bench centrifuges, heating and cooling blocks