About the EIDD

The EIDD was founded and constructed to provide the multidisciplinary capabilities that are required to effectively advance cutting-edge drug discovery and development programs at the preclinical stage. The EIDD is housed in 12,000 sq ft of state of the art, fully equipped laboratory and office space that was specifically designed to support dedicated teams focused on Medicinal and Process Chemistry, Virology and Molecular Biology, Bioanalytical Chemistry, Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics. With 25+ employees, it is the ideal work environment for creative and highly motivated translational research scientists to apply their skills to drug discovery and optimization. We have collected a core of pharmaceutical industry professionals with successful track records in drug discovery and development to manage our projects and to mentor synthetic and analytical chemists and biologists who are at an earlier stage in their career. Each of the respective disciplines is led by one or more seasoned veterans from within the pharmaceutical field and staffed with highly competent and motivated researchers. Each of which has established the set of specific capabilities required to support the antiviral programs that are currently ongoing with the objective of advancing them to the clinical testing. Together with its industrial partner DRIVE, LLC, (DRug Innovation Ventures at Emory) a new not-for-profit company wholly owned by Emory, but with the independence to run like a biotechnology company, the EIDD is currently focused on advancing a new generation of antiviral treatments to address new and emerging pathogens and biodefense threats.

As such, we are constantly looking for the bright and creative researchers, particularly at the post-doctoral level, who are willing to develop the skills necessary for the discovery and development of new, cutting-edge medications.